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Amaretto Tiramisu

A delicious treat from the heart of Italy! Smell all the wonderful tones of Italian amaretto espresso, lady fingers, cocoa powder, Madeira, mascarpone, and heavy cream. WOW! This is one you'll want to carry around the house just to sniff.

Angel Baby**

This is a soft, sweet woody-floral fragrance with azalea, jasmine, lavender and rose notes underscored by patchouli and other precious woods with hints of citrus and other fruits. Balsam and vanilla add rich sweetness.

Apple Blossom**

Think of being in an apple orchard at full bloom. A light, fresh floral with tart apple notes.

Apples & Acorns

Curled Macintosh apple peels and tender acorns are kissed with woody warmth to complete this delightful harvest scent.

Aqua Spa

Indulge in notes of modern rose and lily brightened with hints of orange, lime and ozone.

Autumn Breeze

Fresh breezes, orchid and Ylang dance on top of sandalwood, patchouli and freshly fallen leaves. A woodsy, earthy fragrance tht invokes warmth in the heart.

Baby Powder**

A classic baby powder scent including subtle cedar, rose and ylang ylang.

Baby's Breath

The most delicate of florals, this is an airy, romantic scent with a powdery finish. - A powdery, soothing scent that brings to mind warm skin and hugs.

Bahama Coconut

Fresh coconut straight from the islands is here to entice your senses. The fresh balmy fragrance of coconut will transport you to another world entirely - the world of relaxation, wonder, and romance.

Banana But Bread

Fresh baked blend of banana and vanilla with a hint of walnut


Traditional Christmas Bayberry - Called Sweet French Herbs the rest of the year.

Berry Christmas

A bushel of ripe, savory flavors fills the top of this American classic. Delicious cranberries and bold wild berries blend with sugared grapefruit peel for a mouth-watering splash of sweetness.

Berry Vanilla

Wild Blueberry, Bergamot, Blackberry, Vanilla Cream, Raspberry Sugar, Buttermilk Musk

Black Cherry

A best seller - This isn't sickly sweet like Maraschino Cherries - it's a deep, dark, succulent Black Cherry.

Black Raspberry

Immerse your senses in this wonderful aroma and experience the fusion of juicy ripe raspberry enveloped in rich luxurious vanilla


Fresh-picked blackberries straight from the forest are inherent in this scent.


Blueberry muffins. Blueberry wine. The smell of fresh blueberries is a perfect delight, and a reminder of pleasant memories such as Grandmother's blueberry pie in the summer. All things blueberry, all things wonderful, lie in this scent!

Butt Naked

A fun fruity blend of bananas and berries!


A melt in your mouth scent.  Just like the candies from your childhood.

Calming Essential Oil Blend* **

This blend of essential oil was designed to bring a sense of calm and help you relax even in the most stressful situations. Many of our customers love it in lotion or our body spray. Made with a blend of essential oils of lavender, tangerine, mandarine and chamomile.

Candy Corn

Deliciously sweet, sugary, vanilla treat!

Cedar, Sage and Blackberry

It's a beautiful, calming, herbaceous blend of fresh sage, woody cedar and sweet, dark blackberry.

Celtic Moonspice

Celtic Moonspice fragrance oil is a wonderfully fragrant blend of warm spices, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. It gives you that warm home & hearth feeling like a cozy cottage with a fireplace on a cold snowy evening.


Cacao Absolute, Chocolate essential oil, extracted from the beans in France, with a rich, heavenly aroma.

Chocolate and Vanilla*

Using real cocoa absolute and vanilla, we have blended these scents for a creamy chocolate scent-sation! Our soaps have added 100% cocoa powder for a rich chocolately color.  Looks and smells like chocolate, but please don't eat it!

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Rich, dark chocolate smothering juicy red berries!

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Rich, dark chocolate smothering juicy red strawberries!

Chocolate Peppermint* **

Chocolate and peppermint - what more can we say!  Smells good enough to eat! Made with Cocoa absolute and peppermint essential oil.

Children's Room

The smell of innocence and joy! Sweet violet petals and old fashioned powder with a light floral top note induce smiles and memories of lazy summer afternoons, when we could run around the sprinkler in our underwear!

Clothes Pins

Nothing beats the smell of fresh, clean laundry - dried by a warm summer sun on a clear day with gentle breezes. This wonderful fragrance is all that and more. It is fresh and clean, and you just can't seem to get enough.

Coco Mango

Our Coco Mango fragrance conjures beach visions - palm trees meeting overhead, sweet coconut scented suntan lotion, and the perfect slice of a fresh mango. A come-hither summer scent that is wonderfully soft and refreshing.

Cookies and Cream

Sheer cookie heaven! Chocolate sandwich cookies with creamy frosting centers!  Grab yourself a tall glass of cold milk and you're all set!


Cotton is a symphony of cleanliness performed atop a newly hung clothes line equipped with a fresh blowing spring breeze. Imagine fresh, clean sheets and a cool night breeze. Imagine Cotton.


A very true tart Cranberry, just like the real fruit. Not too sweet and not too sour, just right

Cranberry Yuzu

An upscale and exotic fusion of sparkling Asian Yuzu with juicy, red cranberries. This beautifully balanced medley will please the most sophisticated of noses.

Cucumber Melon

Imagine the first day of spring - the warmth, the beauty, the lightheartedness of it all. With Cucumber Melon you can experience this every day! The scent not only freshens a room but lifts the spirits. Ripe melon and crisp cucumber linger throughout the day with candles, soaps, and lotions. Welcome to Spring! Welcome to Cucumber Melon!


This one is a must-smell! It's a rich, cherry almond coconutty scent! Many of our customers tell us it reminds them of that comforting scent of Original Jergen's lotion.

Dragon's Blood

This smells just like the resin you'll find in New Age and health food stores. A soothing oriental blend of orange, rose, and carnation on a warm exotic dry down of patchouli and creamy vanilla. (Vanilla haters, take heart, you can't smell the vanilla!)

Dream Catcher

One of the most beautiful, unique scents in the world! A soft, powdery floral with undertones of designer perfume. A one-of-a-kind fragrance

Fairy Dust

A sprinkling of frozen mango, pink sugar and raspberry sorbet with champagne bubbles, fressia and cashmere musk.

Figgy Pudding

A yummy blend of figs, currants and apples are warmed with the rich scent of brandy. Festive and delicious.

Flower Child*

Everyone digs this groovy scent! Made of our own blend of essential oils including Patchouli, Litsea Cubeba and Ginger! A warm and earthy blend.

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