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Washy Wafers

What's a Washy Wafer?

Washy Wafers (TM) are a simple way to make your own cloth diaper wipes solution. These wildly popular little Washy Wafers (TM) are made with a very mild, all natural soap base. We include skin-pampering ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera extract, rice bran oil, and silk protein, depending on the type of Washy Wafers you choose.

Washy Wafers Cloth Diaper Wipes Solution

Washy Wafers are available in two varieties - now both varieties are sulfate free (no SLS or SLES). Although experts such as Dr. Andrew Weil say there is no reason to avoid SLS/SLES, we know that some of our customers prefer not to use products with these ingredients.

Washy Wafers come in great scents including Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Baby Powder, Original Essential Oil Blend, Lavender and Tea Tree Oil, Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil and many other popular scents.

Each 3 ounce package will make approximately40-60 cups of solution - making them very economical. We use the best ingredients in the business - and still have a great price!

How to use Washy Wafers

Washy Wafers are easy to use. Just drop one or two Wafers into 1-2 cup of very hot water. Allow solution to cool, then pour over cloth wipes. You can also keep the solution in a spray bottle or squirt bottle to wet wipes as needed.

Prepare only 1-2 days worth of wipe at one time, as there are no preservatives in the solution. Avoid contaminating clean wipes or solution.

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