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Wholesale Policies

Welcome to Sheepish Grins!

I like to have an open relationship with the retailers that carry the SG line of products in their stores. If you ever have questions or comments, feel free to let me know.

There is a minimum $100 order for wholesale orders. This is to ensure that I can spend more of my time producing great products and promoting them to the public to help develop greater sales for you.

I do not dropship orders.

You are agreeing to these wholesale terms by placing wholesale orders with Sheepish Grins.  By doing so, you agree to sell Sheepish Grins products at MSRP. Occasional sales or specials are acceptable, but we will choose not to do business with retailers who continually discount the SG products. We do not allow coops of Sheepish Grins products.

For now, Hyena Cart and other aggregate site sales are permitted ONLY at Buy It Now retail prices. Selling below MSRP on any site not owned by you without prior permission will result in termination of your wholesale account. I reserve the right to change this policy if it negatively impacts the SG brand in any way.

Payment for your wholesale order is due at the time your order is placed. You can do this by simply going through the shopping cart checkout function. I can not remove items from an order once it has been placed. I can not accept returns on items unless there is a defect in the item.

Shipping is charged as a default in the shopping cart. The default is one US flat rate box. If your order is larger than will fit in a single flat rate box I will bill you separately for shipping charges.

Shipping charges for international orders will not be included in your order total automatically, you will need to choose a shipping option under Retailer Extras. I will contact you if shipping is more or less than the amount you add. I charge exact shipping only, with no additional handling fee at this time. When your order is ready for shipping, you will be emailed your shipping total and options.  Payment instructions for shipping will be included in the email when you receive it.

Normal shipping time should be expected to be 7-10 business days, as most products are made when they are ordered so they are fresh when they arrive to your store. Many times, it will be quicker. In some cases it will take longer.

Retailers are required to join the SG Yahoo group. I will keep everyone up to date on new products, scents, etc there. This gives me a central place to keep everyone up to date all at one time.

After placing your first wholesale order, you can email me to request that your store will be added to the retailers listing page. If you would like a button included for your store, please email me a 100x100 graphic for your store. Please include a link to the page on which you sell SG products and a list of the products you carry. If you have a brick and mortar store or allow local pickup, please let me know that as well.

Retailers are free to use any photos and descriptions from the Sheepish Grins website, although personalizing the descriptions will increase your search engine rankings and increase your sales. I have also created a page with additional photos for your use.

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